About HTL

Goals & Accomplishments

HTL Advantage has achieved the goals set to improve economic development for Haywood, Tipton and Lauderdale Counties through the following efforts:

Marketing of Memphis Regional Megasite property

HTL is the driving force behind the marketing and promotion of the Memphis Regional Megasite to enhance marketability to potential industry throughout the global marketplace.  

Infrastructure Development

HTL created a Megasite infrastructure implementation plan tailored to prospective businesses to enhance utility and transportation infrastructure which leads to better economic development opportunities.

Marketing and Recruitment

HTL reached out to local Chambers of Commerce, WTIA, TVA, and TEDC to increase preparation measures for potential prospects. This is done through establishing industry targets, website development, and recruitment visits with national site selector(s) which adds a new level of professionalism to HTL’s available sites.

Labor Study

HTL presented real-life data to potential clients to aid in their location analysis of sites. Updating and maintaining a regional economic development database for the three counties allows HTL to cater to the client’s specific needs while simultaneously assessing the employment need in the area.

Workforce Training and Education

HTL is teaming with local schools, training centers, and advisory groups to create a two-year scholarship program, expand computer and technology programs in all three counties, expand the Career Readiness Certificate program and expand Tennessee Technology Center programming. Improving the workforce and education skill level is vital in attracting new industries and businesses to Haywood, Tipton, and Lauderdale Counties.

Leadership Teams

HTL worked with various city and county mayors and legislators to establish leadership teams. Through teamwork, HTL coordinated the establishment of local rapid response teams for infrastructure needs to enhance industrial recruitment efforts.

Business and Job Retention

HTL, along with local Chambers of Commerce and the Tennessee Economic Development Council, formalized a three county business retention team to work with and improve existing local industries and businesses.

Proposal Development and Maintenance

HTL created a regional-based proposal package to better showcase regional assets to potential business and industry.

Regional Cooperation Efforts

Along with TVA and WTIA, HTL Advantage continues to enhance regional cooperation resulting in increased stakeholders and investors for improved development opportunities.